Top 5 NZ Florists for NZ Flowers Week

The floral industry is one of our biggest industries, and NZ florists play a vital role in New Zealand culture and the economy. That’s why we’re highlighting some of our favourite NZ florists for NZ Flowers Week.

Aside from crafting beautiful bouquets, these florists also pride themselves on reducing the amount of waste that comes with the floral industry. They choose to source local blooms and replace standard materials such as floral foam with natural alternatives.

Where Rosemary Grows

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with aromatic needle-like leaves and clusters of blue flowers. It’s an essential ingredient in Mediterranean dishes and can be grown successfully as a perennial shrub or hedge.

For the best results, grow rosemary in a sunny, well-drained location with soil that’s slightly acidic (pH 6 to 7). Add several inches of aged compost to the top layer and feed with a water-soluble plant food, like Miracle-Gro(r) Performance Organics(r) Edibles Plant Nutrition.

In colder areas, rosemary bushes can be brought indoors in fall, and kept in a pot through the winter. If any branches suffer from frost damage, trim off the affected stems. During the summer, mulch around rosemary bushes to keep roots cool and moist.

Juliette Florist

Juliette Florist is a Wellington florist that has an impressive range of floral bouquets for all occasions. From pastel wedding blooms to bright and vibrant everyday arrangements, the shop’s experienced team have got you covered.

Juliette has a loyal client base thanks to its beautiful floral designs and dependable service. They have a variety of options for floral delivery including same day and subscriptions.

This florist is also known for its eco-friendly packaging. Each bouquet is beautifully wrapped in paper instead of plastic. Plus, they use biodegradable cups of wet moss in lieu of artificial floral foam.


Michele Coomey and Ainsley Henry are the brains behind Floralcentric, a contemporary floral studio based in uptown Auckland. The duo create bouquets and installations that are fresh, everlasting and tailored to the client’s personal style.

Having grown up in a flower-growing family, the girls have a real appreciation for flowers and love to use them. Their focus is on using only local, sustainable and seasonal New Zealand-grown flowers for their bouquets.

Their workroom, tucked down a lane at the top of Khyber Pass, is full of bunches of brightly coloured preserved flowers, white dried hydrangeas and shelves of vessels made by Michele’s husband, ceramic artist Mark. These are all a nod to the trend of preserving flowers, something that New Zealand has only recently started to embrace.


Blush is a kiwi name that’s become synonymous with fresh, enticing floral arrangements and curated homewares. Its Parnell flagship is a haven of luxe – think Douglas and Bec furniture in varying shades of blush, brass cabinetry, and white walls with a hint of black.

A leading light in the biz, Blush’s ethos is to make each arrangement as thoughtfully considered and as unexpectedly beautiful as possible. Whether it’s for a big occasion like a wedding or a simple, bespoke gift, Blush has you covered.

Kensal Floral Studio

After a whirlwind five years working as a florist in London, Liv Wakem is back home and setting up her own shop. Her floral studio Kensal is set in a warehouse space in Kingsland and boasts a coffee station operated by Crumb.

The one-woman business started in 2018 after returning to New Zealand from London and bringing her love of florals, English gardens and whimsical loveliness back with her. Located in the heart of Kingsland, the shop is filled with flowers that look like they’ve just been plucked from some dreamy English cottage garden.

She also runs a flower car on Shortland Street that explodes with NZ grown blooms every Friday morning. She calls it her “moveable feast of the floral kind”.

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