Travel in Style With a Portable House

If you’re looking for a way to travel the world in style while still keeping your home close by, a portable house may be the perfect solution.

While most people think of trailers when they hear the word portable home, a house on wheels doesn’t necessarily have to be a trailer. This beautiful hut is made from macrocarpa and has a glazed facade covered by a huge folding shutter.

The Blob

A hunky Steve McQueen stars in this low-budget sci-fi B movie about a protean jelly-like alien that invades Pennsylvania. It consumes everything in its path until a couple manages to get away.

The amorphous mass is triggered by radioactivity in a meteorite that falls to Earth. An old man pokes it, and the blob dissolves him. Then, it grows in proportion as it devours people and objects. The couple tries to alert the police. But their screams are heard only by the Blob, which chases them to a diner and engulfs it.

The film’s simple yet effective story resonated with audiences. The premise of an unstoppable force that embodied their deepest fears paved the way for other creature feature films. Its popularity even spawned merchandise such as toys and collectibles. Its success also inspired video game developers to incorporate its concept into their games. Moreover, its concept is often used as an analogy in scientific discussions.

The Hut on Sleds

On the shores of an idyllic white sand beach on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula sits this beautiful little house. Measuring a modest 40 square meters, it still accommodates a family of five while blending effortlessly with the surrounding landscape. Designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, the house is small, functional and embodies the essence of a log hut. Its rough macrocarpa-cladding blends into the dunes, while resting on thick timber sleds that allow it to be relocated as the beachfront landscape changes due to coastal erosion.

The north facade opens up to form an awning and reveal the two-story steel framed glass door that marks the main entrance. Inside, a wall-mounted ladder leads up to the mezzanine bedroom. The glass facade also offers stunning views of the Mercury Islands and the surf in the distance. Rainwater is collected on a terrace behind the home and stored in two gravity tanks.

Despite its portability, the house still feels very solid and secure. This is thanks to careful and intelligent design, with no nook or cranny left unexplored.

The Cabo

The Cabo, a Los Cabos boutique hotel, is located on the picturesque Playa Medano and just a short stroll away from the town’s fabolous marina. The hotel is a fashion and social hub for discerning local and international clientele, and pulsates with an air of sophistication.

The hotel’s rooms and suites seamlessly blend contemporary Japanese minimalism with Cabo’s unique elements. They offer a sophisticated palette that reflects the Nobu brand, while the finishes exude relaxed luxury.

Fall is a great time to visit Cabo, with fewer crowds and some of the best fishing in the region. It also falls between the busy winter/spring season and summer, when families travel during their kids’ school breaks.

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