Rimless Toilet

Rimless toilet is a toilet without the classic rim that surrounds the bowl. It looks sleek, fits nicely in modern bathroom footprints and delivers advanced hygiene through a vortex-like flush.

There are many benefits of upgrading your traditional toilet to a Rimless Wall Hung Toilet Suite. This includes: Improved hygiene, space-saving design and reduced water consumption.

Easy to Clean

When it comes to toilet hygiene, the rims of traditional toilets can be hard to clean effectively. This is because the area underneath the rim can be difficult to reach with your cleaning solution, and it can also create bacteria and limescale. Rimless toilets take away this problem by removing the space under the rim, making them easier to keep clean.

A damp sponge and some mild detergent is all you need, as a rimless toilet will be much easier to scrub down than a traditional one. You can also wipe down the surface of your toilet, as there is no rim to prevent it from becoming streaky.

Additionally, rimless toilets will require less water with every flush, which will save you money on your utility bills in the long run. Be sure to avoid using chemical toilet cleaners, as they can deteriorate rubber parts in the tank, including the flapper and jet holes. They can also damage the porcelain of your toilet.

Easy to Install

Rimless toilets are much easier to install than traditional toilets as they don’t require the cistern to be hidden behind the wall. This means that the installation process will be a lot less time consuming and will save you money.

Rim-less toilets also make it much harder for bacteria to accumulate under the rim, making them more hygienic than their standard counterparts. They also don’t collect as much limescale which makes them far easier to keep clean.

Rimless toilets often use a direct flush technique which shoots a stream of propelled water around the pan and conveniently wipes away any waste matter. This allows you to only flush once rather than multiple times which can be embarrassing when guests are in the house and can cause splashing which is not ideal. Rimless toilets are a great solution if you want to reduce the amount of water that is used in your bathroom. They are usually more efficient than your typical toilet but this will depend on the design and model you select.

Reduced Clogging

Rimless toilets have a smooth surface that easily cleans with soap and water, no special cleaners needed. This means they don’t need to be flushed multiple times to get rid of waste matter remnants – which can be embarrassing for your guests, especially if other family members are around to hear all the noise.

In fact, the smooth bowl sides allow your sponge or toilet brush to reach everywhere, which is particularly important for hygiene and reducing bacteria growth in the bathroom. A traditional rimmed toilet can harbour 235,143 colony-forming units of bacteria, so removing the rim entirely from the toilet bowl reduces these numbers significantly.

Whether you want a modern looking rimless toilet with a hidden cistern, or something more classically styled, there’s a lot to like about this new design. It’s easy to install, easy to clean and can help improve your family’s hygiene. It also helps reduce water consumption and doesn’t require any special installation procedures or cost more than a standard WC.

Sleek Design

Rimless toilets do not have the classic rim around the top of the bowl that you are familiar with on your traditional loo. This creates a much cleaner and sleeker appearance which works wonders with contemporary bathroom designs.

The smooth side of the bowl makes it easy to clean with a simple sponge or brush, and there are no cracks where waste can build up. This helps to support better hygiene and cleanliness in your home and family.

Rimless toilets have become increasingly popular due to their many benefits including water saving, easier cleaning and a more hygienic design. The choices available to you are vast, so it is important to find the right product to match your bathroom or cloakroom requirements. Here at Bathroom Traders we have a fantastic collection of Rimless Toilets that will suit your home and meet all of your bathroom needs. Visit us online to view our range of products!

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