House Washers in Auckland

Cleaning your home regularly helps you save money and prevents costly repairs. It also makes the surfaces more receptive to upgrades like painting.

Mold and mildew grow quickly in humid and hot conditions. They can be harmful for family health. House washing eliminates their growth and prevents them from returning.

Soft Washing

House washing is a service that many homeowners need at some point. Whether it’s to spruce up the exterior for a pre-sale makeover or simply because they enjoy entertaining outdoors. Whatever your reason, you need to hire a professional that has the right tools and knowledge to safely clean your home.

Unlike pressure washing, which blasts water at surfaces, soft wash uses a combination of low pressure and cleaning solutions to remove mold, mildew, algae, and other organic stains from a surface. The solutions used also contain bleach to disinfect the surfaces and eliminate any organisms that could harm the environment.

This type of cleaning is slower than pressure washing, but it has multiple benefits. First, it’s safer for plants and animals, because it uses less pressure. Also, it doesn’t leave behind a significant amount of waste, which is good for the environment. It is also ideal for older houses, or any area that’s delicate, such as areas adjacent to rooted plants.

Pressure Washing

Cleaning the exterior of your home or business is a major job. It involves gathering cleaning materials, covering surrounding greenery and doors and windows with plastic sheeting or drop cloths, and spending a long day scrubbing away dirt, mildew and other nastiness.

But a professional power washer can get the job done much more quickly and efficiently. They can also use professional-grade detergents to remove tough stains.

Power washing is a good option for those surfaces that can handle the pressure of high water blasts, such as concrete. However, it’s not recommended for delicate surfaces or anything painted, and the water can cause damage if used incorrectly.

It’s also a great idea to get the surfaces of your house cleaned before painting it. If you paint over a dirty surface, it will trap all that dust and grime under the paint and ruin your work. So, a thorough clean with the help of a power washer can save you time and money in the long run.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are meant to channel rainwater away from the roof and foundation of your home. However, over time, they can get clogged with leaves, twigs and debris. This prevents them from functioning properly. Gutter cleaning involves removing these contaminants, which preserves the gutters and prevents costly water damage to your property.

Performing gutter cleaning tasks manually requires a ladder, a bucket, a gutter scoop and heavy-duty work gloves. It can be dangerous, especially if you are not comfortable working on heights. A professional gutter cleaner can do the job in a safer and faster manner.

In addition to preventing water damage, clean gutters are also an effective way to ward off rodent infestation and other pest problems. When left untreated, a clogged gutter can become a breeding ground for mosquitos, rats and other pests that prefer to live in stagnant water. Gutter cleaning services ensure that pests are removed from your house. This keeps your family safe and healthy and reduces your risk of health issues.

Roof Cleaning

Auckland Alliance is a team of safe, efficient cleaners who offer residential and commercial exterior cleaning services. They specialise in a range of services, including pre-paint washing, moss/mould/lichen removal and pressure cleaning. They also provide roof restorations. They take safety seriously and treat the property as if it were their own.

Whether you’re selling your house or simply looking to improve its appearance, regular professional washing is an affordable and effective way to clean your property. A good quality wash can greatly extend the life of your paint and weatherboards. It’s a good idea to double check that the windows are all cleaned, especially those behind barge boards and under window frames.

Wash Rite is one of the most well-known cleaning companies in New Zealand and offers a variety of domestic and commercial cleaning services. They use soft washing methods that combine detergent with low water pressure to provide a gentle clean without damaging the surface of your building. They are also able to clean all types of roofing, including colorsteel and clay.

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