Fencing Matakana

A short drive from Auckland, Matakana is home to boutique shopping, markets and a great community vibe. An insider tip is to head to the Saturday morning farmers market for a little bit of indulgence – think whitebait fritters, fresh coffee and bacon butties.

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1. Security

Security measures include a clear zone along the fence line, to be maintained in wooded or high grass areas. This allows surveillance and increases the psychological deterrent against unauthorized intruders. In addition, it is important to peen all bolts to prevent them from being removed. Other security measures include internal fencing, lighting, and signage. Signs must be installed to indicate private secured areas and note that unauthorized entry may result in arrest or prosecution.

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2. Privacy

Fencing isn’t about swords or backyard boundaries; it refers to the buying and selling of stolen goods. Fences act as middlemen and profit from the transactions. They can sell anything from electronics to cars and fine art. Law enforcement agencies are working hard to address this crime, including using undercover officers to pose as thieves and monitoring the sale of stolen goods on online marketplaces and at pawn shops.

In traditional fencing, fences buy items from the thief, then either disguise their stolen nature or sell them at close to wholesale prices. Depending on the goods, they may also attempt to remove or deface serial numbers. They also transport the stolen items to different cities in order to limit their exposure to police recognition and to avoid re-interrogation by authorities.

E-fencing is less straightforward; it can involve a chain of transactions that involves three distinct parties, and the level of culpability on the part of the “intermediary” varies widely. For example, an “intermediary” in the case of e-fencing may be a darknet market, or it might be an online auction website.

3. Animal Control

Unlike traditional electric fences, virtual fencing uses GPS technology to monitor animal movement and behaviour. The device emits an audio cue signal when animals approach the virtual boundary and an electrical pulse is only triggered if they fail to respond. This system ensures that animals are predictably and controllably contained without the need for visual barriers (6).

In a recent study, Kearton et al. (24) found that sheep that were able to predict and control the application of electrical pulse stimuli did not exhibit acute stress responses such as circulating plasma cortisol or core body temperature increases compared with animals in a control treatment. However, the short-lived duration of the stimulus and variation in self-exposure both within and among individuals may limit interpretations of this measure.

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4. Gardening

Fencing for gardens is an important gardening measure that can help keep weeds and pests out of your crops. Garden fences are available in a wide range of styles and materials, so you can choose one that suits your property’s overall aesthetic. Wood fencing, for example, can work well in casual rural settings while metal stakes with cables could suit a more modern industrial design.

Alternatively, you can use mesh fencing that is printed with graphics of your choice. This type of fencing is typically used in construction areas, but it can be adapted for gardens as well. This style of fencing is ideal for protecting plants from birds and insects, but it doesn’t look as decorative as other types of fencing.

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