Luciano, Mikey General & Ricky Trooper – Kilimanjaro

Review : 18/01/07

Motherland Collective and the Guerilla Agency proved hard work and determination can pay off when Luciano and Mikey General brought magic, warmth and style to Thursday’s sellout Galatos performance. Co-promoter Brian Ruawai was pleased with the diversity of the crowd and noted ‘a very broad section of the community was present’. Anticipation was running though the crowd, firstly with top selector Stinky Jim laying down some heavy cuts, to which he was later joined by Asterix. Re-licked rhythms such as ‘Mud Up/Workie Workie’ sounding particularly lethal as the crowd yelled, and whistled encouragement. With the absence of World Champion Ricky Trooper as selector, General Dread from Renegade Sound had a large role to play in stepping up to the plate. Continuing the flow, familiar rhythms such as “Truth and Rights’ and ‘Jamrock’ received warm responses from the people, who were spilling out of the venue as the night grew in excitement.

The roll call of mostly Xterminator rhythms sounded loud, round and clean, as Luciano and General drew from a library of virtually hundreds of songs. Anticipation of what’s coming and what may be left out becomes a reality as the set progressed. The showcase built and grew with contemporary rhythms like ‘Doctors Darling’ and ‘Hard Times’ employing early false starts and calls of rewind, much to the delight of those present. The close friendship shared between Luciano and General is more than evident as the two shared the stage with ease and brought smiles to many people.

With influences such as Bob Marley and Dennis Emmanuel Brown clearly identifiable; Luciano reached into the crowd and immersed us in roots and culture, love and unity. Halfway through the set Luciano drew for his acoustic guitar to version ‘Redemption Songs’ and ‘One Drop’ which drew understandably large participation from the elated people present.

Studio One rhythm favourites such as ‘Mean Girl’ and ‘Swing Easy’ got the rewind 4-5 times, ensuring a ‘version excursion’ with sometimes the same, adapted, or new lyric employed upon the rhythm. Lyrical snippets from diverse acts as Men at Work, Wham and Air supply added variance and a Jamaican fondness for employing standard ‘pop’ classics into live shows.

Early classics such as ‘Sweep over my Soul’ and ‘Your World and Mine’ settled nicely into the set alongside contemporary roots anthems. Spiritually large, humble and friendly Luicano and Mikey General shared something special with the capacity crowd, reminding us to be understanding, loving and aware of each other. Conscious and charismatic in voice and person, Luciano made this night special to those who attended as we shared in the warmth and niceness of a true modern reggae superstar. Luciano is Jah Messenjah, spreading roots and culture.

Reviewed by DJ Atmosphere


Cornerstone Roots with Blue King Brown,
Josh Owen Band, Budspells

March :
Thu 1st – Backstage DUNEDIN
Fri 2nd – UCSA Ballroom Christchurch
Sat 3rd – Subnine WELLINGTON

Tickets $35 from Real groovy and motherland.co.nz.

Dub Syndicate & The Mad Professor with Joe Ariwa

Dub Syndicate is probably the most futuristic roots dub band around since Style Scott and U.K producer Adrian Sherwood started collaborating in England in the 1980s. The pair produced a brace of great albums (Pounding System, Tunes from the Missing Channel) on Sherwood’s own esteemed On-U Sound label with a sort of genre crossover feel, but with definite reggae roots.

February :
Fri 23rd – Civic CHRISTCHURCH

Local Supports Dubwize & Tuff Enchant & Renegade Soundsystem. Tickets $55 presale from Real Groovy & motherland.co.nz.


Kiaora – Welcome to the Motherland Collective

Motherland Collective is a group of individuals dedicated to promotion, performance and forward movement of ROOTS based music in Aotearoa. New Zealand Roots.